Water Dowsing

By Bruce Irwin

All of your future dowsing experiences will involve Trust...and that's with a "capital T." As with your first 'signal' over a water vein from your dowsing tool, you are making a commitment to accept a higher power into your experiences, and yet it's without any physical confirmation other than your 'sixth sense,' returning through this tool!

Water dowsing, then, involves the expansion of your normal expectations to include a new language...that of talking with the Earth. When, during your introduction to water dowsing, you begin accepting that your physical body can, and is now,absorbing energies from the Earth, then you begin to speak this new language.

Instructors will share the language with you until you are ready to 'connect' your dowsing talk with even higher powers.

At your basic dowsing level, then, you have "felt,"-- or been signalled of -- flowing water inside the Earth. But what about the direction of the flow?--and the supply available (gallons per minute)? And how many feet down is this water vein? Before any "drill-rig" existed, most villages had someone who could dowse for a convenient shallow water supply...who wanted to dig for days with just a hand shovel?

Dowsing water , then, is the "grand gateway" through which our country's most gifted dowsers have awakened and learned of their true potential to "divine," and then to apply their innre reading via this gift, which many of us believe is -- a "sacred trust."

These gifts vary far and wide. While water 'divining' teaches us 'pros' the direction of the water flow, the gpm, the water quality and content, plus other aspects of the water that is flowing in any particular vein we dowse, what we really learn is that we are now being attended by a higher power, and our world has become far larger in it's scope...Much Larger.

Indago Felix, our ASD motto, is indeed, the beginning of "The Fruitful Search."

Dowsing for Well-Being

By Carol Gader

We know that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves, but sometimes we need the help from other facilitators.   We can use dowsing to help us find the right facilitators.  We often aren’t sure what supplements we should be taking.

We see articles in health magazines and try this or that without results.  Through dowsing we can tell exactly what our bodies need.  Many times we feel that certain foods are bothering us or that we have an allergy to certain foods.  We can clear this up through dowsing.  Just finding out what all our allergies are through dowsing would save hundreds of dollars and needless suffering.  What about medications?  Many times there are many different medications for a certain ailment and your doctor may try one at a time trying to find the right one for you.  Why not dowse it to be certain?  I did and found the right eye drops for glaucoma.  I had tried 3 different ones, all of which bothered me until I asked my doctor if I could dowse to find the right one, and she agreed.  It’s been 4 years now and I have had no trouble with burning eyes or the feeling like I had something in my eyes all the time.